Not everything is going the wrong way!

  My uber-talented friend  Roger Stephens Piano Teacher, Tour Guide, Illustrator, & Author (he modestly omits Botanist and Cheshire buff from the description of himself given on his website) went to the Nantwich Show and posted on Facebook. “There seemed to be as many rosettes as cheeses. Brian was right: blessed are the cheese-makers!” …and of course, he was right but what a wonderful thing!   A side-effect of rationing during.. Read More

Cheese-making course at High Weald Dairy in Sussex

Cheese-making has always fascinated me.   This ancient craft of turning milk into soft fragile curds floating in whey has the sense of an ancient alchemy; “curds and whey” the stuff of nursery rhymes.   Curds are pressed and then stored to mature into cheeses as different as hard aged Dutch Gouda, soft smelly Camembert, and creamy blue-veined Stilton. I have harboured ambitions to make cheese in suburban London for many years!.. Read More