At the Nantwich Show


My uber-talented friend  Roger Stephens Piano Teacher, Tour Guide, Illustrator, & Author (he modestly omits Botanist and Cheshire buff from the description of himself given on his website) went to the Nantwich Show and posted on Facebook.

“There seemed to be as many rosettes as cheeses. Brian was right: blessed are the cheese-makers!”

…and of course, he was right but what a wonderful thing!   A side-effect of rationing during the second world war and the efforts to maximise food production was to suppress local cheese production.   Milk distribution was managed centrally (the Milk Marketing Board) and cheese-making became cheese production reduced to a very limited number of varieties to maximise efficiency.   Over the recent decades there has been a real renaissance in cheese-making; many of the traditional cheeses have re-emerged and imaginative cheese-makers have created new cheeses.   Brian was right: blessed are the cheese-makers …and the cheese-eaters!