Looking up at Arundel Castle from the river

Arundel is a small town situated on a steep hill in West Sussex rising up from the bridge over the River Arun from which the town gets its name.   Arundel has a castle, a cathedral, a Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, the beautiful Swanbourne Lake and ground where fine cricket is played.   Furthermore it is the seat of the Duke of Norfolk (who is descended from Edward I) -but all these are as nothing compared to its crowning glory -the fine food shop Pallant of Arundel!

Pallant of Arundel

I should declare an interest here (Arundel being some distance from Putney SW15), I have known Arundel since I was a boy but that period is nothing compared to the length of time there has been a food shop on the site occupied by Pallant’s.  This picture of Denton’s (Pallants predecessors).

The site of Pallant’s in 1905

Pallant’s sells excellent pies and cakes, coffee beans, local rapeseed oil as well as wines and spirits but, above all else, it has an excellent and diverse cheese counter which includes many local Sussex cheeses.   Visit Arundel for its beauty and culture, but do not overlook Pallant’s!

Sussex cheeses
Sussex cheeses